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Marine Earth Observation MSc Lectures

These lectures were given at the African Operational Oceanography Workshop
Cape Town, 13 June to 1 July 2011

Technical Information

This menu contains information relating to technical questions arising from the use of EAMNet data.

Conversion of GRIB2 to NetCDF

Instruction Manuals for GEONetCast Stations:

Simple mass balance model for lakes, based on the Vollenweider equation

Simple model to illustrate Steele's equation for primary production of phytoplankton 

Simple model to illustrate Michaelis-Menten equation for nutrient uptake by phytoplankton 

This model provides a dynamic simulation of the Sverdrup (1953) paper on the vernal blooming of phytoplankton 

This model implements the equations proposed by Ketchum in 1954 

This model implements a very simple proxy for vertical dispersion of heat in a lake 

This model implements the one-dimensional version of the advection-dispersion equation for an estuary

The EAMNet project was partially funded by the European Commission Framework 7 Programme under Space Call SPA.2009.3.2.01 International Cooperation
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